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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top Reasons For Choosing Wordpress

There are many blogging softwares to get you going easily and quickly. One of most popular is If you are serious about growing a professional business, I'd suggest getting a real domain name and hosting account. This could be compared to the days when many companies offered free hosting so you could set up your own web site. After a few years these companies went belly up and so did your site. It therefore makes better sense to start correctly otherwise you will only regret it later.

  See the benefits of using wordpress blogging software

 1. Easy Installation: If you have a hosting account which uses Linux servers they will probably have Fantastico. This is a tool which allows you to install Word Press within a few minutes from the cpanel that comes with your hosting account. Just make sure you have the latest version otherwise update your Word Press installation before you start customizing it. If you are strapped for money and can't afford a domain name or a hosting account, you can also create a free account with Word Press.

2. Thousands templates to choose from: You don't have to be a programmer or even know html to start a blog with Word Press. You can select from the three templates they provide at installation and you can easily switch between them.

3. Customization: The basic themes that come with the Word Press installation can easily be customized to suit your needs. There are 100s of plug-ins "101 Wordpress Plugins" which will allow you to alter the color, design, images, add contact forms, photo albums etc.

 4. Good documentation and support forums. The documentation that comes with Word Press, covers almost every aspect of your Word Press Blog. If you get stuck the support forums are always quick to respond to your questions.

5. Easily Create automatic RSS Feeds: RSS or 'really simple syndication', is automatically integrated into Word Press so every time you create a post or make a comment it creates a feed for it. This allows those with RSS Feeders to read the post at their own leisure.

6. Organization. Most Word Press templates include pages, categories, links, and feeds. These are usually located in the sidebar but can be easily customized to go elsewhere. You can also add other features should you need them for your blog.

7. Monetization. You can add AdSense ads to your blog with a plug-in. By placing ads in strategic locations on your blog it will allow you to make money. You can also make money by including links to affiliate programs related to the topic of your blog.

Conclusion: If you want to save time looking for blogging software that is extremely flexible because of it's hundreds of template options and add-ons, then go for Word won't regret it. Checkout 101 Wordpress Plugins